Contactors for Safety Applications CWBS Series

The WEG line of contactors for safety applications (CWBS line 9 A up to 80 A in AC-3), has been developed in accordance with IEC and UL standards, have mechanically linked contacts (IEC / EN 60947-5-1) and mirror contacts (IEC / EN 60947-4-1) that provide adequate operation of the safety circuits of machinery and equipment that need to operate in compliance with international safety standards.

Main Characteristics

Main Characteristics

  • TÜV  certification for mechanically linked contacts (IEC 60947-5-1 - Annex L) and mirror contacts (IEC 60947-4-1 - Annex F);
  • Different color, enabling easy identification of the component on the safety circuit;
  • Contactors to retrofit machines and equipment so as to comply with Brazilian standard NR12;
  • 45 mm wide up to 38 A and 54 mm wide in the models from 40 to 80 A, having two built-in auxiliary contacts (1 NO +1 NC);
  • Choice of up to six auxiliary contacts;
  • Auxiliary contact block assembled and tested at the factory;
  • Compact starters can be assembled with MPW18, MPW40 and MPW80 manual motor protectors and RW27-2D and RW67-5D thermal relays;
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail 35 mm or with screws.


  • Protection against inadvertent operation
  • Machine safety applications
  • Protection for operators and equipment
  • Certificate for worldwide use


  • Suitability of machines and equipment to NR12;
  • Industries in general.