Servomotor SWA

Sine-wave counter-electromotive force, smooth and uniform rotation at all speeds, low noise and vibration, wide speed range with constant torque, low maintenance (brushless servo motors), high overload capacity, low inertia, quick dynamic response.

Main Characteristics

  • Sinusoidal counter-electromotive force;
  • Smooth and uniform rotation at all speeds;
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • Wide speed range with constant torque;
  • Low maintenance (brushless servomotor);
  • High overload capacity;
  • Medium inertia;
  • Fast dynamic response.

Technical Specifications

  • Degree of protection IP65;
  • Class F insulation;
  • Feedback by resolver;
  • Mounting styles B5 (no feet, mounted by flange), V1 (no feet,
  • mounted by flange downward) and V3 (no feet, mounted by flange upward);
  • Internal 155º / (PTC) thermal protector;
  • NBR 6375 keyed shaft end;
  • Shaft material: SAE 1045 STEEL;
  • Rare-earths (neodymium-iron-boron) magnets;
  • Rolling bearing with permanent lubrication;
  • Shaft lip seal;
  • Maximum operating temperature under permanent duty: ΔT = 100 °C.