Founded in 1961 in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, WEG is acknowledged today as one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the entire world. Named after the initials of the three founders Werner, Eggon, and Geraldo, the global giant was already exporting its inventory to South and Central America by 1970. Due to their no-compromise stance on quality, WEG qualified for the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards in the same year.


Today, over thirty-three thousand people are employed in different manufacturing units which cover over 1,000,000 square meters of constructed area. Exporting to over 100 countries across the world, WEG has expanded its reach to six major continents. WEG's resounding success with respect to export activities can be attributed to the company’s willingness to meet and exceed international standard requirements, stocking product inventories in strategic locations, and complementing it all with expert personnel training and prompt service. 


Dedicated to innovation and efficiency, WEG has also ventured into the artificial intelligence market, integrating its electric motor technology with the new generation of automation. However, this dedication to innovation should not come at the cost of sustainability. To this end, WEG exclusively focuses on designing motors, energy and automation solutions that cater to federal emission regulations of all major countries. This conscious effort to save energy and reduce emissions distinguishes WEG from other manufacturers. 


Finding extensive use in oil and gas, shipping, mining, steel manufacturing, and alternative energy production, WEG products are expertly maintained thanks to 24-hour emergency customer services.

96.000 ft²

The Largest WEG Electric Motor Inventory in Canada


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Service Partners

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